Steeping – Premium e-Liquid in New Zealand

We advise you to steep our e-liquids as soon as you receive them. The steeping process should take one to two weeks in a dark and closed environment with the lids off, and the bottles should be shaken daily. The products can then be set in a hot water bath or basin for up to 10 minutes, with the lids on. We cannot stress enough how well the products taste once this is done, as you will definitely be back for more.

Why steep, you ask?

Steeping e-liquid, in its simplest form, is the process in which you allow a bottle of e-liquid (or E-Juice) to “age” or mature in the bottle. Similar to the aging process for wine… actually, its basically the exact same thing. Wine uses the extracts of natural fruits (namely grapes) When you extract the flavor from a fruit such as grapes, you get a concentrate form of the fruit. However along with the grape flavor, these extracts also contain natural alcohols or solvents. These alcohols are necessary for fruits to form the flavor of the fruit. These alcohols are safe to eat, drink, or vape. However, as you might expect, alcohols do not taste good to drink or vape. They can add a harsh or “chemical” taste to wine or eliquid. Allowing wine or e-liquid to age (or steep) helps these alcohols to either evaporate or chemically break down and become infused with the flavors and actually enhance them. Steeping helps reduce or remove that chemical taste, harshness, and all around improve the flavor. From Mitten Vapors article.