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Welcome to Vape Bandit. We’re a gang of vaping enthusiasts on a mission to bring healthy, yet still bloody satisfying, smoking alternatives to our Kiwi mates.

We’re the good kind of bandits you see, the kind that want to rob you of addiction, stinkiness and the threat of disease. When we kicked the ciggies to the curb in 2016, we discovered the wonderful world of vaping. However, we also discovered a distinct lack of unique New Zealand vape liquid at an affordable price. And so, our mission began.

Since opening our virtual doors in January 2017, we’ve been dedicated to building a catalogue of high quality e-Liquids. Our range of flavours are all FDA compliant, and of course, taste tested by us – and although we hate to brag, we’re kind of connoisseurs!

We strive to give our customers great all-round vaping experiences, so in July 2018 we began introducing a range of carefully selected vape liquids, devices, vape accessories and consumables, as well as opening a physical store in Mt Wellington. So whether you want to order online or pop into our store, we wish you all the best on your vaping journey.

Vape Bandit Image Dripper

Our Vape Bandit e-liquid is made to a high quality, meeting international standards

  • FDA compliant.
  • Created in an ISO 7 workshop.
  • ISO22000 and GMP certified.
  • Strict quality compliance system.
  • Inspection machines monitor every stage of production.
  • Glass bottles are washed, disinfected with Ozone(O3) and machine dried before liquid is put inside them.
  • Unique, Vape Bandit flavours.