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End of Stock Sale


A delicious range of NZ made e-liquid at discounted prices for our end of stock sale.

Scroll down to see a full description of flavors.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    A delicious range of NZ made e-Liquid at discounted prices for our end of stock sale.

    • A.N.Z.A.C is a buttery oat biscuit flavoured vape liquid with a hint of coconut, just like the classic Anzac biscuit. (Max VG)
    • Banana Split is a strong banana flavoured e-Liquid on a smooth and creamy base. (Max VG)
    • Caffiend is a milky sweet coffee flavoured e-Liquid, with a dash of creamy caramel. (60/40)
    • Ca’Peache is a rich, creamy and very fruity e-Liquid. Think newly baked muffin with subtle hints of spice and plenty of fresh peach chunks. A fruity inhale with a creamy sponge cake exhale. (60/40)
    • Codak Cola is a classic refreshing cola flavoured e-Liquid. (Max VG)
    • Cherry Cola is the perfect combination of sweet and sour – a delectable e-Liquid. (Max VG)
    • C.R.E.A.M combines tasty flavours of strawberries and cream for a smooth and delicious e-Liquid. (Max VG)
    • Deez Melons is a light, fruity, watermelon flavoured e-Liquid with a deeply tropical soul. (Max VG)
    • Energy Drink is inspired by Red Bull and V – sure to give you a delicious hit. (Max VG)
    • Eve’s Apples is a tasty mix of crisp apple and rich buttery caramel with a hint of maple. (Max VG)
    • Hasseltoff is a buttery English toffee caramel flavoured e-Liquid. (Max VG)
    • Hazamel is reminiscent of a nice caramel slice with a crushed hazelnut topping. (Max VG)
    • Manguava is an e-Liquid with a fruity combination of mango and guava – balanced to perfection. (Max VG)
    • Mint As is a a true menthol flavour. Part Virginia gold tobacco, part icy freshness. (60/40)
    • Sansa’s Lemon Cake is a delightful lemon cake flavoured e-Liquid. (Max VG)
    • Shalins Milk is a strawberry-cream take on mothers milk without the vanilla custard. (Max VG)
    • So Fresh, So Clean is a super strong minty e-Liquid, perfect for giving you minty fresh breath. (Max VG)
    • Sowah Patch is a tart candy flavour that is both sweet and sour. (60/40)
    • Stoned Fruits is a fruity nectarine flavoured e-Liquid with apricot and peach notes. (Max VG)
    • Vanilla Beanie is a smooth vape liquid with ample vanilla-ness on top of a cake base. (Max VG)
    • Yeah Nah Nah is s delicious mix of banana and a little strawberry. (Max VG)

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